Initiatives and Services for Elderly

The Ministry of Commerce pays special attention to the elderly people and pregnant women. Thus enabling them to finish all their procedures relevant to business quickly, smoothly and without any inconvenience.

The Ministry has launched the initiative "Priority for Them", which is concerned with providing all means to serve these precious groups, providing all possible services for them, and reducing the obstacles that they may face while completing their business procedures. This initiative comes to enhance the Kingdom's leadership position in serving the elderly, besides achieving a high level of satisfaction among the beneficiaries of this service and improving their life style. 

MC and all its branches, including the business centers​, are equipped with dedicated car parks for these groups of people, also providing special areas for waiting and reception ​places.​

The Ministry's employees are trained to deal with these groups of people by serving them and providing what is necessary to complete their transactions quickly and smoothly.

Elderly can open the Commercial Registrations, request the registration of the trademarks, booking trade names​, and registering the commercial agencies​.

Notably, this initiative "Priority for Them" covers all groups that are dear to our hearts, including the disabled, the elderly, the pregnant women, and others.

Last Modified 19 Nov 2020
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