Unified Call Center (Bainah - 935)



Bainah is a groundbreaking unified call center designed for organizations directly involved in consumer affairs. It was established by the Permanent Committee for Consumer Protection under Cabinet Decision No. 167, dated 24/3/1439H, with the aim of receiving and addressing consumer complaints effectively. This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and seeks to strengthen the roles of entities responsible for safeguarding consumer rights.

Bainah simplifies the consumer experience by providing a single contact point for inquiries and complaints, regardless of the specific government agency's jurisdiction. Its core objectives include ensuring consumer rights are upheld across all sectors related to consumer affairs, reducing bureaucratic overlaps among government entities, monitoring the responsiveness of these agencies to complaints, and promoting synergy in consumer protection efforts.

Through Bainah, consumers can easily register complaints within a unified system, which are then forwarded to the relevant authorities for resolution. The system also allows consumers to track the progress of their complaints, ensuring timely resolutions in accordance with service level agreements with the relevant agencies. Additionally, Bainah offers a platform for general inquiries related to consumer matters. Upcoming developments on the horizon include the launch of a user-friendly Bainah smart phone application.

Bainah accepts complaints during weekdays via: 
  • Call Center 935
  • (X) Platform:   @Bainah_sa
  • Email:  935@bainah.sa 

Last Modified 24 Oct 2023
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