Assistant Agency for Legal Affairs

It is focused on upholding the legality and conformity of the Ministry's operations and decisions with established laws and regulations and also advocating for and protecting the interests of the Ministry before judicial entities in a just, effective, and proficient manner.

1. Overseeing the provision of legal opinions and studies on matters and issues that are referred to it by both internal and external departments and agencies, ensuring that the Ministry's work and decisions comply with the existing laws and regulations.
2. It promotes the concept of compliance with regulations and laws by rectifying administrative practices in line with the principles established by the judiciary.
3. Ensuring that the Ministry's interests are well-represented and protected before competent courts, bodies, and judicial committees in cases where the Ministry is involved. This is done with the utmost fairness, effectiveness, and efficiency.
4. Overseeing the preparation and submission of legal claims and counterarguments on behalf of the Ministry in cases where it is involved.
5. Overseeing the appeals process for judgments and decisions made against the Ministry, as well as preparing and submitting the required statements and memoranda. 
6. Overseeing the preparation and review of ministerial decisions concerning the agency's operations.
7. Overseeing inquiries into violations and establishing appropriate committees. 
8. ​It prepares periodic reports on the agency's activities, achievements, and appropriate proposals for development.

Departments within the Agency:
  • General Department of Legal Affairs
  • General Department of Judicial Representation

Last Modified 30 Apr 2023
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