Deputy Ministry of Policies & Regulations Affairs

About Agency

​It aims to enhance and advance the legal and regulatory framework for business activities, with a clear emphasis on ensuring the safety and fairness of the Ministry's operations and decisions through the use of best practices and cutting-edge technological tools. It strives to foster institutional transparency and excellence, thereby promoting innovation and realizing the Vision's objectives of bolstering the Kingdom's competitiveness on a global scale.

Tasks :​
  • The primary tasks of the agency include overseeing the preparation of draft regulations, laws, and standards to provide a competitive, reliable, and stimulating business climate.  
  • It supervises the provision of legal consultations and opinions to ensure the fairness and safety of the Ministry's operations and decisions. 
  • It oversees the representation of the Ministry in legal proceedings with fairness, efficiency, and effectiveness, ensuring that the Ministry's interests are represented and defended appropriately.
  • It promotes the concept of compliance with regulations and laws by correcting administrative practices in line with the principles set by the judiciary.
  • It oversees the management of committees tasked with investigating violations, organizing and enhancing the quality of their decisions, and ensuring the proper application of regulations and laws.
  • It prepares periodic reports on the agency's activities, achievements, and appropriate proposals for development.

Last Modified 30 Apr 2023
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