Deputy Ministry of Policies & Regulations Affairs

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This Deputy Ministry aims to develop and improve the commercial and investment legislative environment, also to provide an incentive, competitive and highly reliable environment for the commercial and investment activities, so that to achieve the Ministry's vision, objectives and trends, besides ensuring the fairness and integrity of the Ministry's work and decisions.

  • Supervise the preparation of five-year plan of the Deputy Ministry, and implement that after getting the approval.
  • Supervise the preparation of proposals, relevant to Rules, Regulations and standards for the development of the commercial and investment environment.
  • Review Rules & regulations and similar laws that fall within the competence of the Ministry, evaluate their efficiency, and propose necessary amendments, so that to achieve the Ministry's visions, objectives and trends.
  • Prepare comparative legislative studies, diagnostic studies and general policy studies; to develop the legislative system of the commercial and investment sectors.
  • Prepare proposals of Rules, Regulations and relevant laws, to develop the commercial and investment environment.
  • Study whatever presented to the Ministry of the Rules & Regulations proposals and submit the necessary views and opinions in that regard.
  • Prepare educational brochures on commercial and investment Rules & Regulations in coordination with the relevant departments.
  • Supervise the management and organization of the quasi-judicial committees, improving the quality of their decisions to ensure the proper application of the Rules & Regulations.
  • Determine the Deputy Ministry's need of manpower, financial credits and equipment, and work to provide them after getting the approval.
  • ​Prepare periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the Deputy Ministry, and address any obstacles or difficulties, and propose ideas for development.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the Deputy Ministry within its competence.

Last Modified 19 Apr 2019
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