General Department of Customer Services

This Administration aims to provide the Ministry's services easily and efficiently through multiple and efficient channels. It endeavors to improve the customer experience by evaluating customer satisfaction, as well as following up and solving their problems continuously. It also aims at activating the community partnership, taking into account the consumer's views and the investor's ambitions, this is to develop and facilitate the service procedures.

  • Prepare the annual plan for the Administration, and endeavor to implement that after getting the approval.
  • Provide packages of services tailored to customer needs and satisfaction
  • Back Office Implementation to achieve the Service Level Agreement (SLA) approved for all services in the Ministry
  • Managing the Ministry's Communication Centers for the consumer and the business sector
  • Receiving and responding to customer inquiries and complaints, received online, such as social networks, e-mail and others.
  • Continuous development of service and communication channels between the Ministry and its clients
  • ​Supervise and follow-up the customer complaints effectively, so that to ensure commitment to Service Level Agreement (SLA). 
  • Supervise the facilitation of providing the Ministry's services to customers online. 
  • Assess the customer satisfaction and develop the Customer Experience 
  • Supervise all that would raise the level of awareness of the customers, relevant to the services provided by MCI, and how to avail of such services, through answering questions and queries.
  • Supervise the Customer Relation Management (CRM), and ensure that the Service Level Agreement is implemented
  • Continuous classification of the Ministry's customers (Customer Segmentation), develop tracks and products to suit their needs​
Last Modified 28 Apr 2023
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