What are the steps to renew the commercial registration of the company (all types of companies)?

​The steps are done electronically by entering through the corporate services portal: com.cr.sa

- Choose an icon (companies)
- Make decision
- renewal
- Determine the main register and branches (if any).
- Determine the number of years
- Payment of fees
- Print the company's commercial register

What are the steps to transform from a company (all types of companies) into an establishment?

Terms of Service:

1- Submitting a decision to the partners to convert the entity from a company to an establishment through the partners’ decisions system and publishing the decision.
2- The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years.
3- Not to be a government employee.
4- The capital shall not be less than 5000 riyals.

Steps to obtain the service:
1- The presence of the company, a legal representative, or an authorized representative to one of the branches of the Ministry of Commerce.
2- Checking the existence of all required documents (conditions), and the validity of the agencies or authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce.
3- Payment of transfer fees for the commercial register.
4- After paying the fees, the commercial register is sent through the service of sending the commercial registration certificate in the merchant system.

What is the method of establishing a professional company?

The terms and conditions of service for commercial companies are verified in addition to the following:

A valid professional license must be available for one of the partners at the time of submitting the application, and if one of the partners is non-Saudi, a license issued from within the Kingdom must be attached.
The proportion of the licensed Saudi partner shall not be less than (25%) of the capital of the professional company in case the company is mixed.
The percentage of licensed partners shall not be less than 70%.​

Is there a specific percentage for each partner (professional company)?

​Yes, the percentage of the licensed Saudi partner must not be less than (25%) of the professional company’s capital, and the percentage of the licensed partners must not be less than (70%).​

​How can the commercial register of a company be translated into English?

To translate the commercial register into English, you must first ensure that:
  Commercial records are valid
  - The activity of the commercial register should be according to the national classification of economic activities ISIC4

Service steps:
1- Log in to the service via the website.
2- Click on the translation of the commercial register icon.
3- Fill in the application information and click on the “Submit” option.
4- Payment of service fees.
5- Printing the Commercial Registration Certificate in English without the need to visit the Ministry’s branches

What is the method of amending the contract for companies (Limited Companies - Partnerships - Simple Recommendations)

Steps to obtain the service if the partners are a Saudi individual - a resident or non-resident Gulf - a foreign individual - a Saudi company - a Saudi institution - a foreign company:

1- Login to the Saudi Business Center platform
2-Choose the service of amending the articles of incorporation of a company
3- Fill in the service form
4- Electronic approval and amendment of the Memorandum of Association

If one of the partners is (a Gulf company - a government agency - an association - an endowment):
Enter the Saudi Business Center platform
Choose the service of amending the articles of incorporation of a company
Fill out the service form and submit the request
View the request from the customer service employee
Check the request
In the event of approval, amend the Memorandum of Association
In the event that there are notes, re-order the notes
In the event that the application does not comply with the rules and regulations, the application will be rejected​

How to obtain forms for amending contracts according to a court ruling?

Service steps to obtain contract modification forms:

1- Login to https://pd.mc.gov.sa/​ذ
2- Login to the account with the username and password.
3- Click on the new request option from the . https://pd.mc.gov.sa/
4- Get the form.

What is the method for amending the professional company contract according to the new royal decree?

​Companies established through the electronic system can amend electronically, while companies established manually are done through  https://pd.mc.gov.sa/​

How are losses recorded for the company?

This is done through the company's representatives applying to record the incident, and these losses are noted internally.

What is the capital reduction mechanism?

To reduce the capital, two methods are available as follows:

The first method: submitting a partners’ decision (capital reduction) and waiting 60 days, and then submitting an amended contract to the company with the reduction that was made.

The second method: Preparing a decision by the partners on the company’s letterhead that there are no debts on the company, whether short or long-term, and that they are in solidarity if any debts are found, and their pledge to bear all responsibility when it appears, and it is stamped by a legal accounting office / amended contract.​

What is the way to modify the CR for company ?

​through the digital branch​

Steps to obtain the service:

1- Log in through the corporate services portal.
2- Click on the My Commercial Records icon.
3- Click on the options in front of the commercial register, and then choose “Modify the register.”
4- Fill in the required information and click on the submit request icon.
5- The invoice sent on the mobile phone is paid, and then the commercial registration is printed without the need to visit the Ministry's branches.

What is the method of converting from a limited company to a joint stock company?

Service terms and requirements:

1- Fill in the partners’ decision to convert the company from a limited liability company to a closed joint stock company.
2- Fill in the draft articles of association of joint stock companies.
3- Attach the original capital deposit certificate, provided that it is not less than (500) thousand.
4- The approval of the partners via text messages for the transformation of the company entity.
5- The commercial registration must be valid.

Steps to obtain the service:
1- Log in to the service via the website on the joint stock company incorporation system.
2- Submitting an application to transfer the legal entity to the company and sending it for audit.
3- Issuance of the commercial register.​

What is the liquidation mechanism for (Limited-Limited-Limited-Solidarity-Simple Partnership) companies?

1- The partners’ decision to liquidate after signing

2- Declaring the decision in accordance with the approved form signed and stamped by the company’s liquidator appointed by the partners’ decision.
3- A recent financial position at the date of liquidation approved by a certified public accountant licensed to work in the Kingdom.
  4- A certificate from the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority stating that there are no dues and no objection to liquidating the company.
5- A closing account for the liquidation showing that there are no obligations on the company and that it is signed by all the partners and the signatures of the companies with limited liability are authenticated.
6- The approval of the Ministry of Investment on liquidation (in case the company is foreign, mixed, or a foreign branch).
7- The month and end of the liquidation according to the approved form
8- Verifying the cancellation of licenses linked to the Central Bank.​

The professional license does not appear on the website.. What is the reason?

​The license is sent after accepting the request via the customer's e-mail.​

What are the requirements for obtaining a professional consulting license?

1- The applicant must be a Saudi citizen or a citizen of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

2- He shall not be a government employee.
3- If the applicant is an employee in the military sector, a letter from the authority indicating practical experience is requested.
4- To have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or college in the Kingdom, or an equivalent degree from the Ministry of Education.
5- That the academic qualification be related to the profession he wishes to obtain a license to practice, with the exception of the license for management consulting and the profession of translation.
6- That the practical experience be related to the profession he wishes to obtain a license to practice and proven in social insurance or civil service, with an experience certificate from the entity proving the experience and the job title.
7- He must have the necessary number of points for professional licensing according to academic qualification and practical experience.
8- Licenses are classified into three categories: (practitioner - specialist - expert).​

How can I apply for a consulting professional license?

1. This is done electronically through the following link:


2. Click on the "Issue a new professional license" icon.
3. Fill in the required data and attach the necessary documents.
4. Click on the submit application icon to be checked and approved by the Ministry employee.
5. After accepting the application by the employee, the license will be sent to the customer via e-mail.​

How is the trade name of the professional license amended?

Amending the name of the license is done through the amendment service for consulting professions electronically through the following link:


How is the process of reserving a professional trade name (engineering consultancy)?

​​It is required to apply to the Saudi Council of Engineers and then contact the Ministry to reserve the name of the license.​

What is the method for obtaining a translation office license and the experience requirement for consulting professions?

​​Through the electronic service for consulting professions, experience in the field of licensing is required as documented in social insurance and an experience certificate from the entity indicating the job title, appointment date and expiry date​

What are the conditions and requirements for canceling a professional license?

​Licenses issued before 1435 AH are updated by reviewing one of the Ministry's branches and business centers and enabling the customer to cancel it electronically.

- A letter from the client containing his request to cancel the previously issued professional license ""if the license is available to the client"".
- Submitting an electronic request to the customer to cancel the license through the Ministry's website, so that the canceled license will be sent by e-mail.​


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