General Administration of Provisions & Supplies

The General Administration of Supply implements the necessary policies and programs to achieve the supply policy's objectives, monitors the availability of staple supplies, verifies their sufficiency for consumption needs and ensures prices are moderate, and there are sufficient stocks of food supplies in normal and emergency conditions, as well as during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.

The main tasks of management:
  • Physical inventory count of the Kingdom's actual stock of necessary supplies and materials at various times, determining the duration of local consumption, and identifying the Kingdom's needs for those materials and their sources. 
  • Intensifying monitoring of supplies' stock at stores and outlets and monitoring prices of local commodities and ensuring their stability.
  • Periodic reports on commodity abundance and price, preparation of future plans, and cases of crises and disasters
  • Follow up on international events and prices changes related to food supplies to determine the external factors impacting local prices. 

Last Modified 02 Dec 2022
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