MCI Compels Al-Marai to Revoke Products' Hikes

11 Nov 2012
​The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) compelled Al-Marai Company to revoke its recently announced move to increase prices of some dairy products, in the local market.

In light of stable pricing levels of other similar products in the market, there is no reason to effect such increases, MCI stated.
It also reaffirmed that its intervention falls within its regulating capacity and in line with the Royal Order, which stresses on keeping a vigilant eye on the markets and other selling points, across the Kingdom, in order to thwart price manipulation, hikes
or unreasonable pricing or profiteering.

Worth mentioning, the ministerial Supply Committee keeps following up the input costs of foodstuff industry, prior to taking appropriate decisions to encourage it as well as to facilitate providing products for consumers, at suitable pricing levels
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018