MCI Completes its Preparations for this Season Hajj

22 Oct 2012
​Minister of Commerce and Industry discussed on 05/12/1433, with a number of senior officials the ministry, its preparations for this season Hajj, in order to guarantee providing of the best of services for the pilgrims.
The Minister has been reassured on the supply situation relating to this season Hajj, urging the officials to exert their utmost efforts, by following up foodstuffs supply, to meet the demand of pilgrims, of all commodities, through extensive in-field check -ups.

The ministry, noteworthy, has completed its preparations for 1433 Hajj, in prior, by putting forward an integrated plan comprising a number of goals, ahead are the supply of foodstuffs, extensive field  check-ups, especially at the holy sites, in Makkah region, Madinah, to guarantee the quality of provided foodstuffs and their validity to human consumption, not to be overpriced, follow-up the situation of the stock of foodstuffs to meet demand increases.
To materialize these goals, MCI put a number of programs as follows:

Food Commodities Provision Program, which included: pinpointing the real need of basic commodities, in coordination with a number of traders and procurers, especially in Makkah and Madina and other holy sites.
Firstly: Pinpoint the targeted number of refrigeration-trucks, loaded with foodstuffs,  set to be introduced into the holy sites, in coordination with Public Security and the Mayor office of Makkah.

The targeted number of these trucks is 160.

Setting the targeted licenses to be issued for sites and shops to provide foods' meals at different holy sites, in addition to 1500 mobile vendor vehicles.
Secondly: Field Check-up of Foodstuffs

It include follow up by MCI field inspectors of foodstuffs situation, and checking whether these commodities are valid for human consumption, or otherwise confiscating or even spoiling them, all together, as well as reporting them in check-up minutes.

These follow up and check-ups teams are asked to supervise shops, refrigerating-trucks and foodstuffs trucks, to be reassured of commodities' validity, prevent overpricing, and follow up the compatibility and availability of foodstuffs, cooked or otherwise, as well as the bakaries.

To secure supply at selling points, in coordination with the Follow up Committee.

To fill the gap, if any, of foodstuff supply.
Thirdly: Jewelry and Precious Minerals Follow Up  Program

It involves field tours to guarantee the conformity of their weights with Saudi standards and to prevent any commodities or designs that may contravene with Shariah.
Fourthly: Fuel stations and Tires'-selling Shops: This program deals with fuel stations and tires' selling and changing shops in Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and Taif, and to check, especially, pumping stations at roads linking these cities and other holy sites, to be ascertained of the conformity of their commodities with the standards. 

Teams, based at the MCI headquarters and at other branches, at Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and Taif, are were assigned to carry out MCI plan, and to report on this season Hajj.

For emergency, God forbids, MCI has prepared Plan B or an alternative scheme, in addition to its comprehensive Hajj plan, while officials were directed to exert utmost efforts to provide all at their avail, cooperate with relating bodies, in order to best serve the pilgrims.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018