Seizing Foreign Workers While They Were Selling Used and Expired Tires in Tires Market

17 Dec 2018
The ministry of commerce and industry stated that as part of its efforts exerted to combat commercial fraud and forgery, the members of commercial fraud control commission of the general department of commercial fraud with the support of the joint security campaign of Riyadh, inspected the site of used tires market in which used tires are sold by violative foreign workers. The campaign seized and confiscated (5200) used and expired tires and arrested a number of (12) foreign workers violating the residence law. They were delivered by the security campaign to Al-Bat’haa police station. The ministry called upon all citizens to support its efforts to confront the phenomenon of commercial fraud and forgery through cooperation and reporting about any suspicious sites in which fraud and forgery are practiced, via the toll-free number (8001241616).
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018