The Real Estate shareholders Committee invites all the shareholders of Salah Al-Nafisi, to update their data and deliver their documents

03 Dec 2013
​The Real Estate Shareholders Committee at MCI called all the shareholders of  Salah Al-Nafisi, to visit the site of Arab National Bank online and fill in the forms related to the shareholding and then visit the nearest branch of the Arab National Bank within two months from the date of 29/01/1435 AH taking with them I.D. and all the original documents for such shareholding( Real Estate bonds and documents ) and make sure to add the right IBAN of any bank in the Kingdom to complete the procedures of transferring their rights , for your knowledge the concerned Committee and  after the end of the chartered accountant to create the final database of shareholders, would start in re equity in two phases: the first phase,  transfer the entire capital to all shareholders .the second Phase: paying the profits after the end of accounting and legal works concerning the shareholding and the selling of the real estate assets .
It is worth mentioning that the Real Estate Shareholders Committee has recently established a workshop attended by a number of scholars, judges, chartered accountants and legal advisors to discuss the liquidation mechanism of Al Nafisi shareholders, entrusted by High Authorities for such liquidation,
which is currently working with the participation of all departments and accounting offices staff and by fruitful cooperation with the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Justice, all efforts are directed to return the rights of shareholders who are affected by this stumbled contribution and other contributions.
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