The Minister Approves Forming of the First Saudi Quality Association's Board

19 May 2013
​Consisted of 10-member…Aiming at Improving, Promoting the Quality of Products, Services & Diffusion of Related Culture
Minister of Commerce and Industry  Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, announced formation of the first board of the Saudi Quality Association, in line with the Cabinet resolution to establish the association, which delegated to MCI forming of the 10-member board, to embark on improving of products and services' quality, and to disseminate them, through urging governmental as well as non-governmental sectors to apply them and contribute to the domain, as reference of experience.
The board is comprised as follows: Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Shamari of STC as the president and membership of: Eng. Habib bin Mohammed Abdulsamad of MCI, Director of Quality Dept. at Saudi Aramco, Saeid bin Humud Al-Zahrani of the Saudi Standardization and |Metrology, Dr. Hussein bin Raddah Al-Qurashi of Massar Al-Khubara Co. Dr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Shaie, representative of the private sector (Health), Dr. Saad Ibrahim Al-Khalaf representative of the private sector (Education), Eng. Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Madhi of  the (Advanced Electronics' Co.), Dr. Aiydh bin Talie Al-Umari of the (Saudi Quality Council) and Baha'a Khayyat of Al-Raj'hi Bank.
Cabinet resolution have approved establishing the Riyadh-based association, as a national and professional body, with artificial personality and independent financial disclosure, overseen by MCI, with a right of establishing branches and offices, across the Kingdom, by a decision of its general assembly.
It's noteworthy, that the Cabinet resolution, have prescribed the assignments of the association, in details, in order to materialize its goals.    
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