MCI Closes Warehouses Storing Spoiled Tyres, to Deceive Consumers

30 Jul 2013
​As many as 5000 second-hand tyres confiscated at Ghurabi market, owners investigated
Inspection teams of MCI, recently, stormed  warehouses and shops, storing second-hand and expired tyres, destroyed more than 5000 units, at Ghurabi markets, in Southern Riyadh the owners have been brought to investigation authorities. 
Inspection teams, in collaboration with the Joint Security Campaign have mopped, comprehensively, all warehouses situated in Al Ghurabi, Southern Riyadh, to check the validity of stored items, following the check and monitoring abidance by the set storing rules, as selling expired and second-hand tyres is a deceiving practice.
A number of seized overstaying employees captured, at the stores, were transferred to the police, to complete statutory procedures.  
MCI warned that it will continue with such inspection rounds, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to check abidance by standards and regulation set forth for storing and selling in second-hand, expired and badly stored tyres'
markets, as it considers an offend to the Anti-Fraud System, reaffirming that it will apply toughest penalties and confiscate non-conformed tyres and destroy them.
By such actions, MCI targets protecting consumers against the hazards of using non-valid tyres, as it would jeopardize committing traffic accidents, God grace, due to their bad quality.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI and call phone no.: 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018