12 Thousand of Rotten Foodstuffs, Destroyed

21 Jul 2013
Following FA labs approval of being non-valid for human consumption
MCI destroyed about 12,000 kg of olives, pickles and other rotten foodstuffs, which have been seizes during last inspection rounds at warehouses, as it has sent specimen of them to the laboratories of the Food and Drug Administration, which concluded following tests, that it is not valid for human consumption and its harm.
The step culminate the outcomes of the latest rounds of MCI teams in Makkah, recently, in which more than 1500 kg of rotten foodstuffs, and in the light of that, the quantity, which has been collected from shops and warehouses along Makkah-Jeddah expressway, by the inspection teams, as it were ready to be sold to shops, malls and restaurant.
Managers of these warehouses have been recalled for investigation, prior to submitting the case to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution.
MCI Makkah-based inspection teams have run so many rounds at warehouses and shops of foodstuffs and came to know of non- abidance by the set of regulations of storing, along with lacking of cooling equipment, a matter that contributed to the appearance of decay, on it.
On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed that it will continue with such inspection rounds, in marketplaces and warehouses to guarantee malpractices' free markets, such as cheating and deceiving, in general.
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