The Minister of Commerce and Industry congratulates K.S.A. leadership for the success of the pilgrimage season this year and pays tribute to the giant projects.

17 Oct 2013
The Minister of MCI has confirmed the success of the Ministry 's plan for this year pilgrimage and the integration of its roles with other government authorities. 
His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry  Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH congratulated the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and His Excellency the Crown Prince for  the success of the pilgrimage season this year 1434 AH, referring  this success to the tremendous efforts provided by the Kingdom to the guests of the Holy Ka`aba , and the giant projects that have been harnessed for the convenience of the pilgrims in order to perform their rituals in comfort and tranquility.
His Excellency  confirmed  the success of MCI  plan for the pilgrimage season this year , which focused on the follow-up to provide foodstuffs  and to intensify the inspection and control over the commercial shops and food stands in Mecca , Medina , and the Holy Sites , to make sure of the quality of  foodstuffs offered for sale and they are valid for consumption , and they are not sold with excessive prices, and to provide a sufficient stock of these foodstuffs to meet any potential demand.

His Excellency  said : "The MCI has mobilized all its efforts to serve the guests of the two Holly Mosques and to ensure the availability of foodstuffs and consuming  goods adequately, and that would help them to perform their  rituals, all that in compliance with the directives of the wise leadership."

The Minister pointed out that MCI inspection teams had carried out intensive control tours around the clock, and it had worked for the confiscation of corrupted foodstuffs, and consumables which are dangerous to the pilgrims , and to punish violators. All that have been done because MCI believes that its role in the pilgrimage season is very important and it would help the pilgrims completing their rites in  tranquility.
His Excellency praised the positive coordination  among  the MCI and  the Public Security, the Secretariat of the Holy City and the Watering Committee in Mecca  , which resulted in determining the required number of refrigerated units carrying foodstuffs and their places in the Holy Sites .
His Excellency prays that Allah may accept the pilgrims` deeds and the Almighty may help the leadership of K.S.A. to provide all goodness and services to the guests of the two Holy Mosques and the Holy Sites and to make that in the balance of their good deeds in the hereafter.
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