Real Estates' Committee Ends Auction to Sell Jauharat Al-Miqbil Scheme, in Majmaah

17 Sep 2013

MCI Real Estates' Committee ended its public auction, in Majmaah, on Monday, to sell 7 plots' units of Jauharat Al-Miqbil shceme, which was attended by a number of investors and those interested to buy in the scheme.


The auction began by selling a plot in the scheme with a size of 600 sq.m. A fact that inflamed the bidding competition, till it reached SR 1010, while the total value of the sale worth as much as SR 5 million, following the selling of all units, in addition to the educational utility, within less than an hour. 
The committee asserted that it will keep on selling the rest of other real estates' schemes plots, at avail, either by direct selling or through public auction, as it will hold an auction to sell 800 plots, in Al-Jouf, following the Eid, in order to close the case file of these schemes, which have been stalled for so many years and to refund the contributors.
Noteworthy is that the committee has delegated marketing and organization assignments to Bandar Al-Humud Group for marketing and real estate development, which works to improve land plots marketing to gain the best of returns and benefit all contributors.
Those with interest, have been called by the committee to get more information on the sale of the scheme, or the specific plots to be sold, as announced by the committee in public auctions or direct sale, by calling 011 403 4140 – 011 403 4134 – 0500 223 555 .
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018