Real Estates Committee Transfers Equities of Al-Badriyah scheme Subscribers, in Ahsa, with dividends over 1193%

17 Jul 2013
​After 38 years of Delay
Real Estate committee began on 17/7/2013 disbursement of the capital and the dividends of Al-Badriyah scheme, in Ahsa, which is owned by Al-Khars, Al-Wihaibi and Al-Harz, at a rate of 1193%, as accrued amounts for all subscribers have been, directly, transferred to their bank accounts, in Saudi different banks.
Al-Badriyah scheme, is among the most delayed schemes, in the Kingdom, which the committee has liquidated, in collaboration with the liquidator of the scheme the chartered accountant Abdulaziz bin Khalifa Al-Milhim, following a faltering throughout a prolonged time of 38 years.
On the other hand, the committee has completed the procedures to settle the equities of the subscribers in the stalling schemes of Khalid bin Abdulmohsen Al-Tuwaijri and partner, by transferring the remaining capital of Al-Kharj based scheme, to refund 25.8% to the subscribers and the remain equity of the subscribers in Al-Dilm based Elmuhandis scheme at 48%.
The committee called on other subscribers, who are yet to receive their accrued payments, to report to any Al-Bilad Bank branch, accompanying all relevant papers to scheme, ID and be ascertain of the IBAN numbers, in order that the committee may transfer the amounts to their respective accounts, as soon as possible.
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