MCI Closes, Confiscates 44 tons of Fiddled, Repacked Rice

16 Sep 2013
The 3rd of its case, to be checked by MCI, within 3 months, in different cities
MCI closed a warehouse in Dammam, that used, frequently, to beguiled rice, as inspection rounds' teams stormed it, while employees inside, were involving in repacking a number of unknown and bad varieties of the commodity in sacs bearing renowned brands to cheat consumers. While the quantity of 44 tons has been seized and confiscated before being disposed at marketplaces, the owner of the warehouse and the foreign employees, were referred to investigation bodies.  
This is the 3rd case of the kind, to be exposed by MCI, at shops in different cities across the Kingdom, involving in manipulating of rice. 
Teams of MCI, at the Eastern Region have run a comprehensive moping out of warehouses and discovered a site related to a local trading company, involved in malpractices of cheating, through Asian employees that used to bring a varieties of Indian rice and packing it, in other sacs. 
In addition to the confiscated quantity, a lot of sacks and machines, used by the employees to download the rice with unknown source, also, has been confiscated.
Supervisors have noticed, too, that the warehouses lack the required sanitary conditions and sound storing means, in addition to employing illegal and non-licensed employees, to work in this sector.
Worth mentioning, that MCI has checked in, recently, in Makkah, marketplaces and shops involved in packing bad quality rice in sacks of other renowned original brands to mislead consumers, in regard of their qualities, in order to sell them, consequently, at higher prices.
MCI has seized also, before, in Jeddah, a warehouse that packs varieties of rice in different bags of various brands and called on those in charge, to apply legal procedures against them.
MCI reaffirms that these inspection rounds will go on, at marketplaces, shops, foodstuff warehouses and all commercial and industrial facilities, to be ascertained of their legality and being free of malpractices harmful to consumers.
All consumers are asked to cooperate with MCI, through reporting violating stores and/ or those which promote contrabands, by calling Consumer's Reports' Center phone no: 800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018