MCI to Fine 2134 Shops, 84% for Dodging Pricing Tags

31 May 2013
​In the 1st month of Don't Ask How Much, with smart phone topping reporting of offences
MCI monitored, during last month, as many as 2134 offences of difference shops, across the Kingdom and about 1788 have been fined for dodging labels, in the context of Know your Right, Don't Ask How Much campaign, which represented almost 84 per cent of the whole offences, according to the Penal Regulation, issued, recently, by the Cabinet.
On the other hand, the campaign for Arabicization of vouchers, has monitored about 333 violations, representing 15 per cent of the total violations.
Fines' fees starts as of SR 100 up to SR 6000 against a shop, if it to repeat the offences
Riyadh ranks first, in the number of reports scoring 661, followed by Jeddah with 236 and Dammam with 160.

MCI warned that it will keep, its rounds of inspection, with utmost seriousness, in order to check abidance by the laws in force and to fine the offenders, accordingly.
The public also has been asked to fully cooperate, by reporting any offenders to Consumer's Reports Center phone no.: 800 124 1616
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018