Dorrat Al Jouf Real Estate scheme has been sold with more than 14 million Riyals

03 Nov 2013
The success of Dorrat Al Jouf auction
The Real Estate Shares committee at MCI has completed its 5th public auction for the sale of 83 plots of housing land in the scheme of Dorrat Al Jouf in Sakaka last Wednesday in Al Nazil Hotel.The auction started with the presence of a large number of investors and those who want to own housing lands in the scheme. The first plot was sold at SR 250  per square meter then the  competition was intensified on the remaining plots until it reached the highest price SR 320 per square meter. The value of the total sales was more than 14 million riyals after selling all the plots  in a record time which did not exceed three hours. 
The above mentioned committee confirmed that it will continue the sale of the present Real Estate Shares lands, either by direct sale or in public  auction to close the file of shares which has been delayed and floundered for many years to restore the rights of the shareholders .
On the other hand, The Real Estate Shares Committee announced to the shareholders of Arar Hills who wish to exit from the shares by getting the capital to contact one of the branches of Al Kashif Al Awwal group  for real estate investments within two months of the announcement`s date and the shareholders wishing to enter as partners in the ownership with the shares of their stock to communicate with the group to finish the necessary procedures.
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