MCI, the 1st Ministry to Win Award for the Best Govt. Workplace Environment, among Eqtisadiah List

08 Jun 2013

​Betting on upgrading employee skills, providing appropriate work environment and creativity, as main pillars, in its working plan


MCI has made overall changes in its workplace environment, in order to boost productivity and improve services provided to the public.

Consequently, MCI, based on these changes, has managed to become the first governmental body to win the award of the best governmental environment of work, sponsored by Eqtisadiah, the local business daily.

This is a culmination of the vision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, on the importance of providing employees with the best of their needs, to live up to the challenges of enhancing the services of the ministry, to serve the public and the motherland, as well as to promote commercial and industrial development.  

Internally, the MCI changed the type of its offices' design, form closed into open ones, increasing them and unifying their standards, in order to fit the professional workplace, that facilitates internal communications and contacts, not only in its headquarters in Riyadh, but also, everywhere in its branches and offices, across the Kingdom.
MCI introduced the latest advanced and highly sophisticated gadgets such as iPads, new vehicles and talkie-walkies to carry out with its assignments, in addition to bonuses and other incentives to its staff.

Achieving teamwork, is the utmost goal of MCI, for which it organizes events and workshops attended by senior officials and employees, alike, to deliberate on plans and contribute to set up strategies.
Creating an internal environment for healthy competition, was among the main stimulus, within the ministry, which translated itself into the best of performance, seen outside of it.

A new department for internal communication has been introduced, to disseminate awareness of MCI activities, in addition to give a hand to the human resources' department, in developing workplace environment.

MCI does not exclude the pensioners, rather it resorted to holding a valedictory reception party for its retirees, in the presence of the minister and other senior staff, in acknowledgement of their service and express appreciation of them for what they have done to MCI.
For the future, MCI is setting up an ambitious work plan, to improve, furthermore, the workplace environment, hence, it launched the program of Making Leaders, to furnish new young bloods to direct the ministry in achieving its pivotal role, contributing to national economic development.
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