MCI Announces the Success of the Provision Plan at Arafat Holy Site

31 Aug 2017
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced the success of the provision plan at Arafat Holy Site. An abundance of goods and food supplies witnessed, such as meals, bottles water, milk, yoghurt, juices and refreshments needed by the pilgrims. No shortage of these items was recorded

Engr. Abdul-Elah bin Mushait, Director General of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment branch in Makkah  District, General Supervisor of the Ministry's activities during this pilgrimage season, said that the Ministry supervised the entry of 250 refrigerated 40 feet trucks, and 1,400 refrigerated trucks roaming through the Holy Sites, loaded with foodstuffs and consuming commodities, of which 155 trucks for Arafat Holy Site, loaded by 9 million food items for the pilgrims.

Engr. Abdul Elah pointed out that the field inspectors supervised and followed up the entry and distribution of the refrigerated trucks in different parts of Arafat Holy Site, carrying 3,456,000 bottled cold water and 4.536,000 cans of milk, yoghurt and juice, also one million ready-made meals and 10,000 ice bags.

Meanwhile, the Ministry continues to carry out daily field inspection rounds on foodstuffs sales outlets at the Holy Sites to ensure the abundance of food supplies and to face any shortage of stocks.

MCI inspection field teams are deployed with a group of Saudi Scouts at the Holy Places to monitor the goods and food supplies offered to the pilgrims and to verify their prices, quality and validity, and how far they are suitable for the human consumption.

MCI inspection teams are implementing the tasks entrusted to them in this pilgrimage season, such as supervising and controlling the sales outlets, checking the validity of the goods and their conformity with the standard specifications, checking the validity of tires and auto oil and their conformity to standard specifications, checking and calibrating the fuel pumps and verifying their quality, also controlling the prices.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018