MCI Succeeds in Ending the Indian Anti-dumping Investigation against the Kingdom's Exports of Fabrics without imposing any Duties

30 Oct 2017
The efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, in cooperation with the private sector and the concerned parties, has succeeded to end the Indian anti-dumping issue on the Kingdom's exports of non-woven fabric products, without imposing any charges. This comes within the Ministry’s keenness to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, by increasing the Kingdom's exports and by having access to foreign markets.

H.E. MCI Undersecretary for Foreign Trade, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Harbi confirmed that the efforts exerted by the Ministry in cooperation and coordination with the private sector and the concerned authorities led to the termination of the anti-dumping investigation by the Indian Investigation Authority without imposing any charges or duties on the Kingdom's exports of non- woven  fabric. Notably, the Indian authorities had already established an anti-dumping investigation against the exports of this product by a number of countries, including the Kingdom.

H.E. Al-Harbi added that raising the level of cooperation and coordination among all parties concerned with treating and addressing trading issues would accelerate and speed up the procedures for ending this type of investigation, besides enhancing the ability of the Saudi products to have access to foreign markets, also providing fair competition in such markets.

It is worth mentioning that the Indian Investigation Authority began in July 2016 anti-dumping investigation against imports of non-woven fabric produced in a number of countries, including the Kingdom. The investigations began upon allegations made by Indian local producers against non-woven fabric products.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018