The Real Estate Shareholding Commission is going to hold auctions for Selling the Lands of Five Stumbled Shareholdings

29 Apr 2014
​in Riyadh, Qassim, Makkah, Eastern Region, Assir
The MCI Real Estate Shareholding Commission is going to hold, in the near future, five auctions for selling the lands of the stumbled real estate shareholdings, which are under liquidation by the said commission in Riyadh, Qassim, Makkah,  Eastern Region and Assir, in preparation for giving back the rights of the shareholders due to the stumbling of the said shareholdings for many years.
The Commission explained that the shareholdings lands on which the auctions will be held are as follows: "land of Shalala " belonging to Badr Trading Est. in the center of Riyadh, two farms owned by the shareholding of " Kingdom Dates " in the province of Bada`ea, as well as " Al Khadrah Scheme " in Makkah belonging to the shareholding of Jazerah Arabian Company , the shareholding of " Al Rafe`ah Facilities " in Dammam, and the land  of the shareholding of " Fajr Abha " belonging to  the Office of Fajr for Real Estate Development on the road of Souda in Abha.
The Commission had adopted the auctions plan that will be announced successively starting by the scheme of " Shalala Land " at the end of next week in Riyadh for selling 106 residential and commercial lots with an area of more than ninety-five thousand square meters , 125 meters long on  Medina Road, while an auction will be held on two farms belonging to the shareholding of " Kingdom Dates " with an area of ( 4.694.910 ) square meters, and Al Salaheya Farm with an area of ( 992.700 ) square meters, while the land area of " Fajr Abha " shareholding is ( 22.676 ) square meters located on the road of Abha- Souda .
The Commission added that one of the shareholdings that is under liquidation is the shareholding of Al Rafe`ah in Dammam where an auction will be held for selling a number of educational, health and commercial facilities, remaining in the scheme, with an area of (39 778) square meters, while an auction will be announced for the shareholding of  "Al Khadra`a " for selling a number of residential and commercial lands in the scheme of Al Khadra`a in Makkah.
On a related matter, the Real Estate Shareholding Commission announced the start of receiving the offers for direct purchase of a number of shareholding lands, namely: "the shareholding land of Shaza Al Qunfudah , the shareholding land of Dorrat Abha, and the shareholding land of the Future Scheme in Al-Kharj, where the Commission requested submitting a letter including the desire for direct purchase, containing the total value and the price per square meter of the offered area for sale with a check of 5% of the value of the offer.
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