Within the Campaign of " A Homeland Without Illegal Expat ", MCI Inspectors Raided at Night a Site Containing Five Major Manufacturers and Distributors of Counterfeit and Fake Products

29 Jan 2018
The Illegal Expats have been using Delusive Names to Mislead the Control and Security Authorities
MCI inspection teams, in cooperation with Riyadh police, have detected five major manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit and fake products, and seized a large number of counterfeit items with them. This comes within the Campaign of "A Homeland without Illegal Expat ".

MCI inspectors in cooperation with the security authorities were able to detect the illegal expats, who were manufacturing and distributing fake and counterfeit products, using delusive names to mislead the control and security authorities.

All the illegal expats were arrested and handed over to the security authorities, to be referred later to the Public Prosecution and judicial authorities for taking the necessary legal procedures.

MCI inspectors and the security forces seized a large number of counterfeit and fake products, including anonymous substances that pose a danger to the safety of consumers, as well as women's bags, various accessories and shoes.

MCI inspectors raided as well a plant used by the five illegal expats to produce counterfeit perfume of famous brands. More than 5,000 items of perfume, ready for distribution, were seized, as well as large quantities of counterfeit stickers bearing international brands. The site in violation was shut down by MCI teams and all legal procedures are being taken, according to the Anti- Commercial Fraud Law.

Meanwhile, MCI inspection teams have been monitoring the violations against the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and the Commercial Concealment Law, as well as practicing the commercial activities without a license or a commercial registration, where the violators are summoned to hear their statements and then to be refer to the Public Prosecution to complete the legal procedures against them. Those violating the Residence and Labor Law would be referred to the security authorities to complete the formal procedures.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment is participating with 19 government agencies in the aforementioned campaign, which aims to control the violators of the Residency, Labor and border security law, after the deadline granted to them by the Ministry of Interior. This deadline gave them a chance to leave the Kingdom free of charges or fines within the deadline, with the possibility of returning to work in the Kingdom by official means.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018