52 Online Services are being provided by MCI

28 Dec 2017
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced that 52 online services are being provided to companies, institutions and consumers without the need to attend any of the Ministry’s branches.

These e-services aim to ease practicing business for all beneficiaries, also to facilitate starting up a business activity, as well as to enhance the investors’ confidence, besides improving the commercial and investment environment of the Kingdom, in addition to supporting the transformation of the Kingdom into e-Government in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

All beneficiaries can avail of these services through MCI e-portal (mci.gov.sa​), also they can review and have access to all the electronic services by clicking here.

MCI Corporate E-Services include: Set up Your Company, Updating Corporate Data, Renewal of C.R., Assigning Trade Names, Online List of Joint Stock Companies, General Assemblies System, online Power of Attorney, Amendments and Partners’ Decisions, Updating Shareholders Record, Appointments of the General Assemblies of the Joint Stock Companies. 

With regard to the Companies’ Financial Statements, the Ministry provides online input of the companies' statements, also the inquiry about the status of their financial statements.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment provides several online services for the Establishments, such as Assigning the Trade Names, Issuing, Renewal, Amending and Writing off C.R., Search for a Trade Name, Enquiry and Printing C.R. 

In addition, MCI provides the following online services: Registration, Renewal, Inquiry, objection and make Grievance on Trademarks, besides searching for trademark by its number.

The Ministry also provides the following online services: issuing and amending online Certificate of Origin, getting lost allowance, issuing a duplicate, issuing a certificate of origin retroactively,

MCI provides as well online services to the Commercial Agencies, including the request, amending, renewal, writing off and enquiry about a Commercial Agency.

With regard to the Consultancy Professions, MCI also provides online service for issuing & renewal of the consultancy profession license, besides the inquiry about the current consultancy professions.

Among the e-services provided to the commercial institutions and establishments, the Ministry provides online licensing services for sale and promotion, besides the online verification of the sale license. 

MCI provides as well online services for Chamber of Commerce subscription and renewal in all regions of the Kingdom.

MCI provides as well several online services to beneficiaries, whether corporate or individual. Such as reporting or lodging a complaint against a commercial violation through the toll free number (1900), as well as requesting the inspection of fuel stations, also requesting a commercial statement, inquiry about the commercial irregularities, inquiry about the private laboratory license, request of chemicals clearance, issuing private laboratory license and Pilgrimage transport licenses.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018