MCI and the General Authority of Sports launch a campaign to safeguard Saudi sports clubs’ trademark logos

28 Jul 2016
MCI continue the mutual plan with the General Authority of sports that aims to safeguard the Saudi sports clubs’ trademark logos and Intellectual Property in conformity with trademarks regulations, to support what the importance of logos represent as an investment opportunity to the clubs. Also to protect the national economy from procedures violations.

The preparations for the campaign is accomplished, and the MCI inspection teams are ready to tour all the Kingdom districts to combat displaying and selling counterfeited goods starting from Sunday 4-11-1437 H.

MCI and the General Authority of sports held many meetings and gatherings. Recently the MCI organized workshops attended by many specialists from Saudi General Authority of sports, Professional League Association and Saudi clubs’ representers to find the means that can safeguard the trademarks of sports clubs in the Kingdom.

The workshop discussed the mechanism to register the trademarks of the sports clubs and safeguard the intellectual property by the procurers, and some adjustments to apply in near future for it is an investment opportunity for the clubs.

The participants in the workshop suggested many initiations one of which is to urge the sports clubs to but the trademark on the products and services related to their activities. Also to implementing occasional booths next to the stadiums and sports stadiums during football matches to combat peddlers in cooperation with the concern authorities. The participants also suggest selling the products and Sports clothes at different qualities and prices to supply the different consumer needs. All the suggestions were agreed by the clubs’ Presidents who support the ministry and the authority efforts in holding inspectional and awareness campaigns. 
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