MCI, the Dissatisfaction Ratio on Auto Agencies Performance has been improved by 59% in the Third Questionnaire

28 Jul 2015
MCI has announced the results of the third questionnaire related to measuring the consumer`s satisfaction on auto agencies in the Kingdom, more than 20 thousand have participated in such survey. The results showed that 59.6% per cent of participants are dissatisfied with the performance of such agencies. Notably, the result was 67% in the previous questionnaire, with an improvement of 12%, while the percentage of "Satisfied to Some Extent" rose to 25.5%, with an increase of 6 points of percentage, while the percentage of “Full Satisfaction” for the services provided to consumers fell to 5.7%.

The Ministry considers that this improvement in the questionnaire results reflects more commitment with rules and regulations, as well as the improvement of after-sale services, also giving more interest in the call center of auto agencies.

MCI had already launched its first, second and third questionnaire in  order to get out periodic statistics and indicators on the extent of consumers satisfaction with the services provided in the auto sector and to know the points that need further improvement and to get out the results that would be published later on. These questionnaires had resulted in several initiatives by the Ministry such as: a circular on the permissibility of maintenance outside the agency, the list of providing maintenance, spare parts, quality warranty and liaison officers program.

These statistics have shown that Abdul Latif Jameel Company has got the largest percentage of participants, followed by Al Jazeerah Vehicles Agencies, and then Al Jomah Motor Company. This reflects an index of the market share of these agencies in the Kingdom.

The consumer`s satisfaction on maintenance rates has been repeated as the previous questionnaire. This indicates the increased competition in this part of the auto sector and the agencies awareness of the importance of providing special rates to their clients, especially after MCI has issued a circular on the possibility of doing routine maintenance outside the agency, and that the warranty will not be cancelled in this case, at the same time the percentage of dissatisfaction on car prices has been increased for the same period. 

MCI aims to inform car agencies in the Kingdom about the study results, to highlight their positive and negative points, so that they can develop and improve their works and services in line with the consumer`s satisfaction. Besides, MCI would like to keep the manufacturers informed about such results and make them aware of the most prominent strong and weak points of their agents in the Saudi market. This may support their work quality in line with the international practices, and would result in the development and improvement of the performance of this important auto sector, with high quality as well.

As far as the principle of improving customer services is concerned, the Ministry has launched the initiative of Agencies Interaction with Consumers Complaints, so as to improve the performance in case of any dispute, that is by receiving the notification and then to be followed-up with the liaison officer at the Agency, who will contact the consumer within 3 days in order to solve such dispute directly without any interference of the Ministry, in case of failure to solve the dispute, the complaint shall be referred to the Ministry`s inspectors.  

On the other hand, the Ministry has recently conducted a study for comparing prices of auto parts in the Gulf States, by taking a group of spare parts including parts for routine maintenance, spare parts replaced during accidents and electric parts. The results have been discussed with each agency separately. The Ministry also shared these results with some manufacturers. The Ministry will conduct the study again after 6 months and the results will be published to the public in order to promote competition and offer the prices for consumers transparently

It is worth mentioning that the reports and notifications regarding the agent's commitment to the terms of the contract and the delay in receiving the car from maintenance have decreased recently, while the complaints of the agent`s commitment to the terms of warranty and the lack of spare parts or the required maintenance have increased.

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