The Ministry of Commerce and Investment Invites the Male/Female Applicants for MCI Jobs to attend the Ministry for Completing the Final procedures

28 Jun 2018
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has announced the names of (41) male/female applicants who applied for the jobs advertised through the Ministry website on 25-07-1439H. The applicants are kindly requested to contact any of the branches or offices of the Ministry of Civil Service from Sunday 17-10-1439 to Tuesday, 19/10 / 1439H, to complete the final procedures, related to matching their certificates and documents.

Meanwhile, MCI would like to assert that this invitation for matching and conformity of data does not mean nomination or designation, but to review the validity and correctness of the data. The names of the male/female candidates will be announced finally on the Ministry’s website.

All candidates should bring with them the following documents when attending the branches or offices of the Ministry of Civil Service for matching and conformity purpose:

  • National Identification Card.
  • The original of the graduation certificate, showing the grade, the percentage or the cumulative average and the graduation date.
  • Holders of foreign degree should attach the Equation from the Ministry of Higher Education.

MCI would like to indicate that the applicants who do not bring the requested original documents during the above mentioned period, their applications will be considered cancelled and will not be reviewed after the specified dead line, also those who do not contact or attend the Ministry during the specified period will be considered declining and not interested in employment. 

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018