3225 Inspection Tours Conducted on Lighting Lamp Markets, 788 violations Detected and 24,000 Lamps Confiscated, as Announced by MCI

28 Feb 2016
MCI Confirmed the Continuation of Inspection Tours on Lighting Lamp Markets and Shops

MCI has completed its inspection tours on lighting lamp markets and shops. MCI inspectors carried out 3225 inspection tours in various regions of the Kingdom, resulted in detecting 788 violations, related to violating the consumer protection regulations.

Therefore, more than 24 thousand pieces of lighting lamps, non-complying with the Saudi Standard Specifications, were confiscated, since they pose a risk on consumers.

As far as the regulations and conditions are concerned, the lighting lamps should match the trade data provisions, as well as Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, also obliging all producers and distributors to print the trademark on all quantities, along with placing a label   showing the item details and prices before being offered for sale.

On the other hand, MCI recalled more than 50 thousand lighting lamps for non-compliance with the Saudi Standard Specifications. 

It is noteworthy that these recalls come within the Ministry`s efforts to achieve its goals in protecting the consumers against commercial fraud, and go in line with its permanent keenness to conduct ongoing verification of all products offered in the market, in order to provide the necessary protection for consumers against any harmful practices, besides contributing in organizing the local market to ensure fair competition, while preserving the rights of consumers.

According to the Ministry's statistics, the Central Region recorded the highest number of inspection tours (1044), followed by the Eastern Region (823), then the Northern Region (443), Qassim Region (325), Southern Region (233), Medina (​​184), and finally Makkah (173).

MCI would like to draw the attention of all consumers to the importance of being aware of the technical data, written on the lighting lamps, before buying them, such as the voltage, watts, or amps, and the supposed life of the product.

All consumers are kindly requested as well to retain the invoices and warranty vouchers, as well as to ensure that the lamps are original and conform to the Saudi Specifications, so as to avoid any dangers that may happen (God forbid).

MCI will not hesitate to impose legal penalties on offenders, who are not committed to the instructions issued in that regard.

MCI calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints and observations through the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.​​​

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018