MCI, More than Two Thousand Violations had been detected for Price Tags, Specifications and Fuel Economy Labels in Two Days

28 Feb 2015
Inspection Rounds will be continued to follow up the Commitment of Car Agencies and Showrooms, as confirmed by MCI
MCI announced the detection of more than 2000 violations related to the absence of price tags, fuel economy labels and specifications. This came after inspection rounds had been carried out by inspectors on more than 800 sites for car showrooms and agencies in various regions of the kingdom. The Ministry immediately imposed fines and summoned the violators for investigation and taking the legal procedures against them.

MCI confirmed the continuation of its inspection rounds for the implementation of the regulations and for the application of the Council of Ministers Decree issued in this regard, which stipulates to compel car agencies and showrooms to put the data cards on cars offered for sale as per the specified form, as well as the fuel economy labels.

More than 1,500 violations had been detected for the absence of fuel economy labels, or for deception, or for using non-colored cards, in addition to more than 500 violations for the lack of price tags, specifications and data labels for used cars.

MCI Inspection Teams began their rounds last Wednesday to follow up the commitment with the decrees issued in that regard, which provide that the vehicle may not be sold or offered for sale at the car shows unless they bear the data contained in the prepared form attached to such decree.

MCI had directed the Councils of Saudi Chambers to advise the car agencies and showrooms for the commitment of putting price tags and fuel economy labels as soon as the official instructions had been issued in this regard.

The instruction requires that the data should be written in Arabic and is identical to the fact in all aspects and to be placed in a prominent place, in a clear handwriting, on the front windshield of the vehicle offered for sale. The Ministry compels the car agencies, the shows and the like to put the data contained in the form on the vehicles offered for sale in accordance with the form attached with the decree.

MCI would like to emphasize the continuation of its inspection rounds on car agencies and shows to check and verify their commitment with the said regulation and to impose legal penalties against violators.

This comes within the framework of the Ministry's keenness and interest to develop the rules and regulations in the local market to serve all parties, as well as to improve after-sales services.

MCI calls on all consumers to report about the car agencies and shows that are violating the said decree, through communication with the Notification Center at the toll-free number 1900 or through making a commercial notification.
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