MCI Inspection Team Storms apartment turned into web to forge world brands' perfumes

27 May 2013
8 thousand employees captured with huge quantity of perfumes' bottles, SR 42 thousand
MCI field inspection team stormed, recently, in an unwarranted visit, a local perfume distillation web, in Riyadh, which is used to promote and distribute its locally manufactured perfumes, in the local market luxury perfumes that bear the names of global brands, in sheer contravention of the anti- fraud law, in order to mislead consumers to buy them as if they are original and coming from their countries of origin.
The action took place, in collaboration with the joint security mop-out campaign, led by the Principality of Riyadh Region, following monitoring an Arab national distributing perfumes, at south-ends of Riyadh.
As many as three thousand bottle ready for sale, another five thousand empty bottles, 15 thousand cartons of world brand, 20 thousand ads' posters and a sum of SR 42 thousands.
Other tools for manual pressuring and packaging, other official documents and a stamp used to provide cover for the employees, all have been seized.
MCI invite the public to report their complaints and remarks to its center for grievances through this phone no.: 800 124 1616
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