Officials of City Max Forcibly Opened a Store which was Closed as Punishment for Manipulation in prices, MCI and the Competent Authorities Arrested them

27 Sep 2014
With Personal follow-up of His Royal Highness the Prince of Riyadh
Dar Al Bandar Company for Trading opened their store "City Max" in Al-Kharj by force, which had   been closed by MCI. Accordingly, the Ministry with personal follow-up of His Royal Highness Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, prince of Riyadh, reacts immediately against this violation and against infringing the Rules and Regulation. Therefore, the store was closed completely until issuing a decree for reopening it, and those involved were arrested, who were three Saudis and one non-Saudi. As well as, the concerned authority had arrested an official from the said company after escaping from the site. All the involved persons were handed over to the competent authorities for taking the necessary legal procedures against them. 

This comes after closing "City Max" in "Al Kharj Mall" earlier by MCI Inspectors and the governorate police after detecting violation regarding manipulation in prices and offering  misleading prices, as well as the difference between the presented price and the price at the accounting department, which MCI deals with in accordance with the Royal Decree stipulating that "the Ministry should react quickly and packs all the power to inflict the deterrent penalty against the manipulators of prices and defame them without hesitation, whoever the violator is, without any slack or indulgence in this matter." 

In details, after the arrival of the field inspection teams and the security officials at the site, it turned out that the company staff had removed the seals and reopened the store. Therefore, His Royal Highness the prince of Riyadh gave his directions to act with firmness against the manipulators and to enforce the directives of His Majesty on all the offending companies, His Royal Highness ordered the concerned authorities to provide the required support to MCI in order to carry out its duty against the violators. After hearing the statements of the company's employees, and after arresting the involved officials in the company, the preliminary investigation concluded that the company official who had escaped from the site, gave the order to reopen the store, and he came from Riyadh for that purpose, so a circular was made against him and he was immediately arrested. All the company officials were handed over to the competent authorities for taking the necessary legal procedures against them, and the store was shut down until the completion of the legal procedures against the company. 

The Ministry emphasizes that it would apply and adhere to all commercial systems, and it would implement and impose the penalties against the violators, in accordance with guidance of His Majesty "not to allow any slack or indulgence in this matter". It is worth mentioning that the practices that come from some offenders do not represent the large section of the commercial sector, which adheres to the regulations and instructions, and which contributes positively in the nation's economy and growth.
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