MCI Launches a New Version of the Consolidated Inspectors System, to Promote Transparency and Interaction with Consumers

26 Jul 2017
​Also to Ensure Faster Interaction with Consumers’ Reports & Complaints
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched a new version of the Consolidated Inspectors System, to ensure the development of the services provided to consumers, to improve the work of the field inspectors and to speed up their response and interaction with the violation reports and complaints lodged by citizens and residents.
The new version released on the Web and iPad would enable the decision makers to review and get more, accurate details on the monitoring and inspection performance, in general, and the details of the violation reports and complaints in particular.
Meanwhile, this service will provide more positive and effective communication with the consumer, who will receive a text message through his phone regarding the progress and any action taken on the reported offense by linking with the Consumer Protection Reporting Center.
Some of the features, provided by the new version of the Consolidated Inspectors System, are as follows: The automation of the new procedures for the existing reporting systems, improving the mechanism of reviewing and printing the violation report by the system, re-engineering of the work procedures, the mechanism of canceling the violations electronically and the mechanism of distributing the reports and complaints to the inspectors automatically and efficiently.
The new version undergone significant improvements on the iPad version to ensure compatibility with the Web version, as well as to input a number of important reports and statistics that would facilitate the work of the inspectors and enable them to interact and perform their job perfectly, besides serving the consumers as soon as possible.
The Consolidated Inspectors System is one of the electronic services through which the Ministry seeks to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Company. Notably, the new system links between the violation reports recorded at MCI Consumer Protection Reporting Center and the field tours conducted by the inspectors.
In 2016, this system won the E-Government Achievement Award at its fourth session, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for the second time in two successive sessions of the award.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment receives consumers’ violation reports and complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the Ministry's official website, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Reports, via smartphones.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018