MIC urges the companies to deposit their financial statements

26 Jun 2016
MIC calls the companies to deposit their financial statements for the year 2015 through the electronic deposit program "Qawaem" in the website qawaem.sa, at any licensed accounting office.

MIC declared in an announcement today that the process of financial statements deposit is increasing since the beginning of collaboration program between MCI, the Saudi Accounting Association and Department of Zakat and Income in the Ministry of Finance.

"Qawaem" program provides the services of entering, updating and inspecting facilities private information like Commercial register, facility activity, facility address, declared capital, paid-in capital, financial data, etc. All in the effort to increase the level of transparency and financial information accuracy, which will enhance the economic database for the trading sector to be an official reference used in studies and design in the Kingdom.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018