MCI Warns of Investment with the Company of Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Ziyab Group

25 Sep 2014
MCI warns of investment with the Company of Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Ziyab Group for Contracting, specialized in the trade of tippers, where the main sales office was closed after the Company was unable to prove the validity of their dealings in contracts related to manufacturing and leasing tippers, as well as not fulfilling its obligations towards the Ministry. 

This comes within the warnings announced by the Ministry about the temptations of quick-profit, where the said company did not prove its financial statements nor the whereabouts of leased tippers, or who had hired them.  

To preserve the dealers' rights, the Ministry would like to clarify that the said company had pledged to stop immediately any new contracts, and committed to refund the amounts for those whose tippers had not been manufactured yet, also committed to continue paying the rent for those who had signed contracts with the company and their tippers had been actually rented, besides giving a notice to each contractor about the place of his own tipper  and who had hired it, more than that the company committed to return the tippers to their owners upon request.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018