MCI Calls on all Commercial Institutions to Change the Old Energy Efficiency Label "Stars" and to be Replaced with the New One "Levels"

25 Mar 2019


Displaying the Old Energy Efficiency Label is Prohibited as from September 2019, Inspection Tours will be Followed to ensure Commitment

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment calls on all establishments, shops, markets, shopping centers and outlets to stop using the old Energy Efficiency Label, bearing the mark "Stars". The new one, bearing the mark "Levels" shall be used as from September 1, 2019.
The Ministry pointed out that the validity of old labels on the appliances is temporary until the expiry date on the 1st of September. Notably, the quality of the products offered in the markets shall not be affected by changing the Energy Efficiency Label, as long as they are  conforming to the approved Saudi standard specifications.
MCI confirms carrying out inspection tours on the markets in various parts of the Kingdom after the expiry of the aforementioned deadline. This is in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi standards relevant to Energy Efficiency, which included "changing and standardization" the shape of the Energy Efficiency label on all electrical appliances.
The new labels has the shape of "Levels" instead of "Stars". This is to show the capacity of the appliance in relation to energy efficiency and power preservation. The new label program shall be  applied on a number of electrical appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and lighting products.
This step comes as a response to the requirements of the new and updated Saudi standards for electrical appliances, and to standardize the shape and identity of Energy Efficiency Label on all devices, so that the consumer can see the energy efficiency rates of each product easily.
This is part of the efforts of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program, which is one of the most effective government programs, based on an integrated work methodology that ensures commitment and compliance with the specific Saudi standards, aiming at preserving energy consumption in the Kingdom. The following authorities are participating in this program: Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, the Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization, the General Authority of Customs and the Saudi Center for  Energy Efficiency.

Last Modified 26 Mar 2019