"MCI" Launched the inspection tours of Hajj to supervise food supplies and check the quality of goods as a preparation for the season

24 Aug 2016
A detailed plan is set for "Makkah", "Madina Al Monawara" and "Holy sites."
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment began its plan for the Hajj season this year 1437 AH, by checking the availability of sufficient goods supplies, the quality of food supplies and its suitability for consumption in Makkah region, Medina, and the holy sites.

The plan will also include intensive supervision and inspection on jewelry and precious metals shops, gas stations and repair shops. The Ministry's plan also include temporary sell shops, commercial refrigerators, and food trucks.

The Ministry's inspection teams tour the markets and stores that sell jewelry and precious metals to ensure their commitment to the precious metals system, implementing regulations and the safety of the scales used in these shops. Also, there are tours on gas stations to ensure the collaboration of their bumps and inspections on car repair shops that sell and change tires to ensure their commitment to the standards and specification system.

MCI announce its preparations for the Hajj season this year, and the readiness to deal with any emergency situation - God forbid - with an alternative plan for emergencies to support the primary plan. The Ministry also command all the official personals to give their maximum effort and provide the best services and cooperate with other relevant authorities to provide the best services to pilgrims.

This comes in the context of follow-up and attention that the ministry provides to serve the pilgrims through facilitating all necessary means in Makkah, Medina and the holy sites from the time of their arrival until the end of Hajj.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018