The 4th MCI Inspection Tour on more than 2.000 Trade Facilities Show the commitment of 90% of the Agencies with the Implementing Regulation

24 Apr 2016
​MCI inspection teams carried out 2049 tours on auto & electrical appliances agents and distributors in all regions of the Kingdom, the results show the commitment of 90% of such agents with the implementing regulations of the Commercial Agencies Law, in particular placing price tags on all products, as well as the commitment of auto agencies with the fuel consumption labels that had been placed on new cars, as well as the energy efficiency labels on the electric appliances.

The inspection results show as well the agencies commitments for providing a minimum of two year warranty, also providing the consumers with the purchasing invoices. On the other hand, 190 violations had been spotted (not exceeding 10%) related to delay in carrying out maintenance, delay in paying compensation for consumers, lack of providing alternative car or device as stipulated in the list of warranty & maintenance, as well as delay in providing spare parts.

The inspection tour stressed the importance of placing price tags on cars, electrical appliances, spare parts, products and services offered by automobile agencies, as well as ensuring the application of R&R pertaining to consumer protection, and the provisions related to commercial agencies, especially maintenance and spare parts.

It is worth mentioning that these inspection tours and their results reflect the Ministry`s efforts and endeavors to provide the necessary protection for consumers against any harmful practices.

MCI has been conducting awareness campaigns to draw the attention of the consumers on the importance of placing price tags, as well as to have an idea about the technical specifications, also to ensure placing the auto fuel economy labels and the energy-efficiency labels on all electrical appliances before purchasing. MCI would like to make it clear that the consumer has the right to get a warranty on a new car for a minimum of two years or 100 thousand Km distance, also a guarantee of a minimum two years for all electrical appliances.

During the normal or periodic maintenance, it is so important for the customer to know in writing the time to be taken for checking and fixing the car, and in case of any defect covered by the warranty, or any delay in maintenance over the agreed date, then the customer would be entitled for an alternative car, regarding the electrical appliances, any delay in repair or in providing the needed parts, may result in providing alternative device during such period.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018