MCI Implements an Integrated Plan for Field Inspection, Control and verification of Food Supplies Availability during Hajj Season

23 Aug 2017
MCI Continues its Field Inspection and Functions in Makkah, Medina, Holy Places and all Leading Roads
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment is developing and implementing an integrated plan for its field inspection and functions during 1438 H. Hajj season. This is by verifying the availability of adequate stock of food supplies and consuming items, as well as controlling and monitoring the markets and shops, besides ensuring the quality and validity of the offered food commodities in Makkah, Medina and Holy places.

MCI has already prepared a detailed plan for this Hajj season that contains a number of main objectives, including monitoring the availability and adequate stock of foodstuffs, intensify the inspection tours on jewelry shops, follow-up fuel stations and tires shops on the roads used by pilgrims and visitors of the Holy Places. For the realization of these goals, MCI plan includes a number of work programs that would be implemented during this Hajj season.

The Ministry endeavors to intensify its inspection and control on shops, booths, refrigerated vehicles and trucks loaded with foodstuffs, to ensure the availability and validity of such food commodities and their appropriate prices.

MCI Inspection Teams are carrying out inspection tours on jewelry shops and precious metals as well to ensure their commitment with the Rules and Regulations, as well as to ensure the safety of scales. Also making inspection tours on tires shops and fuel stations to verify their commitment to fuel pumps electronic calibration and inspection.

MCI would like to confirm its full preparations for this Hajj season, as well as its readiness to face any emergencies - God forbid - where the Ministry has prepared an alternative plan for emergency cases in addition to its comprehensive plan for this Hajj season. All those responsible for the implementing of these plans were directed and advised to exert utmost efforts, provide the best services, harness all possibilities, cooperate with other relevant authorities, so as to provide the best services to pilgrims.

This is part of the Ministry's efforts to provide the best services for the pilgrims in Makkah, Medina and the Holy places, from their arrival to perform Hajj until their departure.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018