The Ministry of Commerce Carried out 27.000 Inspection Tours and Responded to 29.000 Reports and Complaints in all Regions of the Kingdom

21 Mar 2020


The inspection teams of the Ministry of Commerce have carried out more than 27,000 inspection rounds on all shops and outlets selling foodstuffs and commodities in all regions of the Kingdom, during the period from 1-20 March 2020, in order to verify the availability and abundance of basic and necessary goods and food products, besides ensuring the price stability, as well as to verify the availability of masks and sterilizers and the absence of any exaggeration in their prices.

In addition, the Ministry’s inspectors have conducted more than 1,250 inspection tours to survey and monitor the prices, during which 40,000 readings of prices of food supplies and basic goods were recorded.

In particular, the Ministry's inspection tours targeted the stores and warehouses of commodities, foodstuffs and consumables, also the outlets and stores selling meat and vegetable, as well as the bakeries, fuel stations, and medical supply stores.

The results of the inspection tours showed the availability and abundance of the necessary and basic products and foodstuffs, ensuring that there is sufficient food stock to meet the market need, besides the existence of price stability.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of commerce has responded to more than 29.000 reports and complaints from the consumers, during the period from 1-20 March, including exaggeration of prices, shortage of some goods, abstention from selling, and some violations relevant to selling regulations. All necessary actions have been taken and the legal penalties have been imposed on the violators.

The Ministry of Commerce calls on all the consumers to report and lodge their complaints against the violating establishments and outlets through the Ministry’s Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry's official website.

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Last Modified 22 Mar 2020