MCI Inspection Teams Carried out Inspection Tours on 730 Bakeries, 128 Violations Detected

21 Feb 2017
​Bread Weight Bag Should not be less than 510 grams, otherwise Penalties and Closure of the Bakery will be Imposed
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment confirmed that the inspection tours on bakeries would be continued to verify their commitment to the weight of the bread bag (minimum 510 grams), indicating that if the weight is less than that, then penalties will be imposed, including direct fine and closure of the shop in case of reoccurrence. This is in accordance with the Municipal Fine & Penalties Regulation issued by the Council of Ministers.
MCI announced that the inspection teams had inspected 730 bakeries in various regions of the Kingdom, 128 ones were found in violation. Therefore, the necessary penalties were imposed.
The said violations were detected in the following regions: Riyadh, Zulfi, Quwaiya, Shakra’a, Dawadmi, Wadi Al Dawasser, Kharj, Almuzahmia, Afeef, Rimah, Hawtat Bani Tamim, Al Hareeq, Makkah,  Jeddah, Taif, Rabigh, Rania, Qunfudah, Madinah, Al-Ula, Yanbu, Dammam, Khobar, Qatif, Hafer Al Batin, Khafji, Al-Ahsa, Hail, Arar, Baqa’a, Gurayyat, Turaif, Tabuk, Al Wajh. Duba, Tabarjal, Jawf, Abha, Khamis Mushayt and Rafha.
MCI inspection teams had detected 128 violations on bakeries non-complying with the required bread bag weight, while the owners were summoned by the Ministry for taking the necessary procedures.
It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Fines & Penalties Regulations, issued by the Council of Ministers, stipulated that the shortage of the bread bag weight, or non-commitment with the requested specifications, would be considered a violation that require imposing penalties of minimum SR 500 and maximum SR 3000, with the closure of the bakery in case of reoccurrence. 
MCI would like to call on all consumers to cooperate and to lodge their complaints through the Consumer Call Center 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, via their smart phones.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018