MCI Surveys the Views and Opinions of Those Interested and the Public on the Proposals of the Guide & Procedures of Import Licenses

20 Oct 2019

​​Based on the principle of participation and transparency, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment calls on those interested and the public to express their views and suggestions on the Proposals of the Guide & Procedures of Import Licenses, through the e-mail ( and via the Ministry's website (

MCI has explained that the two proposals aim to support the business sector and to remove barriers facing foreign imports by raising the level of transparency of import procedures.

The two proposals will also contribute to enhancing the activity of small and medium enterprises by creating a clear reference that may regulate and organize the process of obtaining import licenses and the requirements that must be met for that purpose.

The proposal of Import Licensing Procedures includes general requirements and procedures reflecting the obligations of the Kingdom, stemming from the Import Licensing Procedures Agreement contained in Annex (A) of Marrakesh Agreement, relevant to World Trade Organization.

 The said proposal also includes the most important definitions, including the definition of the Import License as the administrative procedure for goods to be imported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and for that purpose a license to be issued by the competent authority as a precondition, and requires as well submitting other form or documents to the competent authority (other than the requirements requested by Customs). 

This proposal also confirms the right of any establishment to apply for import licenses, provided that the imported goods are related to the scope of activity specified in its Commercial Registration.

The said proposal has differentiated between two kinds of import license: Automatic and Non-Automatic Licenses.

 The proposal explains that the Automatic Import Licenses are those approved once the requirements are met.

While the Non-Automatic Import Licenses are those under the discretion of the competent authority, whether to grant the license or deny the application.

Notably, the said proposal includes the necessary details of the requirements, documents and procedures for issuing the import licenses by the competent authorities in the Kingdom.

The drafting of this Guide has taken into consideration the obligations arising from the following: (1) The Convention on Import Licensing Procedures, contained in Annex (A) of  Marrakesh Agreement, relevant to the World Trade Organization; (2) The draft of Import Licensing Procedures; (3) The Law of Importing & Managing Chemicals, issued by the Royal Decree No. (M / 38) dated 16/6/1427 AH and its executive regulations.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment calls on those interested and the public to review:

The Proposal of Import Licensing Procedures, Click here.

The Draft Guide for Import Licensing, Click here.

Form for expressing your opinion, Click here​.

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Last Modified 21 Oct 2019