MCI, No Dumping of the Kingdom`s Export Product” Petroleum Pipes” as the American Investigation Authority Concluded

20 Aug 2014
​The Ministry had Supported  the Position of the Saudi Industry Around the Year, the Final Decision will be Issued Early October
MCI has declared that the intensive efforts carried out, through coordination with the American Ministry of Commerce and Gisco Company in the Kingdom, yielded that the American Investigation Authority had concluded the absence of dumping of the Kingdom export product (petroleum pipes). According to the time schedule of the case, it is expected that the American Investigation Authority would issue the final decision before 01.10.2014 without charging the Kingdom's exports of the above mentioned product.
The American Investigation Authority had begun the anti-dumping investigation on 22/07/2013 against its imports of petroleum pipes from Saudi Arabia and other several countries. During the investigation, the Ministry carried out continuous cooperation and coordination with the Saudi exporting Company and the American Investigation Authority by analyzing the preliminary results reached by the American Investigation Authority. The Ministry also supported, at the highest level, Gisco Company in front of the American Investigation Authority regarding its opinion that the subject matter represents a violation of the Anti-dumping Convention, and that if it were followed by the investigating authority, it would lead to calculate a margin of dumping.
The Ministry pointed out that on 11/07/2014 the American Investigation Authority had announced the final outcome of the investigation which resulted in the calculation of a dumping margin against Gisco Company with a rate of %2.69. By studying the results again, it showed the existence of a mistake in the method of calculating the margin of dumping that was relied upon by the American Investigation Authority. This made the Saudi side requesting the American Investigation Authority to correct this mistake, which will make the dumping margin calculated on the company less than %2. This would eventually end the investigation without imposing charges or fees on the imports from the kingdom, in order to maintain the flow of Saudi exports to the American markets without obstructions.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry and Gisco Company had supported, throughout the duration of investigation which lasted more than a year, the Saudi industry position in front of the American Ministry of Commerce to avoid imposing   fees against the Kingdom's exports. This support included holding a number of meetings with the   officials of the mother company “Energy Inc.” and Gisco Company, along with a number of meetings with the American side between the Saudi Minister of Commerce and the American Minister of Commerce, and the exchange of correspondence between the Saudi and American sides, which played a vital role in reaching this positive result for the benefit of the Kingdom's exports to the United States.
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