MCI Requests Opinions of the Public on the Draft Regulation for the Saudi Foreign Business Councils

20 Jan 2015
​Based on the principle of transparency and participation, MCI is requesting the opinions and suggestions of the public on the draft regulation for Saudi Foreign Business Councils through its website, before the end of Thursday, 07/05/1436 AH, corresponding to 26/02/2015 AD, indicating the pursuit of this project to develop and consolidate the economic relations among the business community in the Kingdom and the counterpart states, and to give a full definition about the climate and opportunities for direct and indirect investment in such states, as well as to strengthen and highlight the role of the Kingdom as a trading center and an attractive environment for investment.
This is resulted from the Ministry`s desire to develop the business councils and to deepen its role to focus on export instead of import, through the exchange of information about the needs of all parties of goods and services, also holding exhibitions in such countries, as well as communicate with the responsible authorities in such countries in order to improve cooperation among all parties, in addition to overcome any obstacles that may arise among them, and to work on the settlement of commercial disputes that may arise among them amicably, and to give attention to the training programs and the transfer of technology and knowledge.
MCI calls on those interested and the public to participate and express their opinions and suggestions through accessing this link: Click here.
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