MC carries out 1,286 inspection visits to service centers along Makkah and Madinah highways during the Umrah season

19 Apr 2023


Inspection included petrol stations, tire and oil shops, and maintenance centers

The Ministry of Commerce conducted 1,286 rounds of inspections covering service centers along the roads leading to Makkah and Madinah during the Umrah season. The aim of these inspections was to verify that these centers were dedicated to offering the highest level of service to visitors and Umrah performers.

The Ministry meticulously assessed adherence to consumer protection regulations, scrutinized the quality of goods and products being offered, and verified that they met the required standards.

The inspection rounds targeted service centers, petrol stations, as well as tire, oil and maintenance shops. Inspectors handed out 59 fines to violators on the spot and summoned another 11 in order to take legal measures against them. 

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Last Modified 30 Apr 2023