During the First 10 Hours in Arar Chambers of Commerce Online Election, the Voters' Participation Raises to more than 200%

18 Dec 2019


Online Voting Increases the Voters' Participation and Saves Time and Money of the Chambers of Commerce & Industry

MCI decision, relevant to adopting online voting in the chambers of commerce and industry election, has contributed in raising the voters' participation by more than 200%. This is the first online election to be held after the implementation of the Ministry's decision. Thus the voters participation has been increased in the chambers’ boards elections, and funds for organizing the elections are saved, in addition to relieving the voters from the trouble of attending the election sites.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry election in Arar, which startes today, has witnessed the voting 1667 male & female voters in the first 10 hours, during the first day, compared to 490 voters within two days in the previous election.

MCI had announced yesterday the start of the application of the electronic voting for Chambers of Commerce and Industry elections, aiming at facilitating the procedures for male and female voters, and for developing the method of voting from manual to electronic, without the need to attend the election sites.

MCI has provided  voting service through the Ministry's website, via the following unified link for all chambers:  Voting.mci.gov.sa, where every male and female voter can vote from her/his district online without any trouble or wasting of time.

The new e-service enables male and female voters from merchants and industrialists to participate in the elections of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry online, and within minutes. In the past, voting took hours, because the male and female voters have to vote at the headquarters of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. That procedure reduced the number of eligible voters. 

MCI e-service aims to facilitate and ease the procedures, through saving time and efforts, by providing e-services in a manner that guarantees transparency and credibility.

This service comes as part of a series of MCI e-services, aiming at increasing the number of voters of the chambers of commerce and industry, also developing businesses and procedures for the private sector, besides eliminating any obstacles that might hinder the expansion of the commercial sector in the Kingdom, as well as applying technology for serving the National Economy.

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Last Modified 19 Dec 2019