MCI Launches a New e-Service of Writing off the Commercial Registration Electronically, any Expired and not renewed CR would be written off, as Confirmed by the Ministry

18 Jan 2016
A new service has been added to MCI e-services by launching the electronic writing-off of the Commercial Registrations for the individual establishments, so as to provide an opportunity for CR owners to complete this process electronically. This service enables writing off the Commercial Registration automatically provided that there are no labors working under the same CR also the activity of such CR is not combined to other third parties licenses, as well as the absence of sub-Commercial Registrations associated to the main one. This service can be accessed all over the Kingdom through the link: without the need to attend the Ministry.

This e-Service is linked with the Ministry of Labor so that the institution file would be closed automatically once the CR is written off by MCI.

MCI would like to advise the owners, whose Commercial Registrations are expired, to renew and update such CR immediately so as to avoid being written-off by the Ministry. Notably the Ministry had recently written off a number of expired CR for individual institutions because of non-renewal as required by the enforced laws, regulations and instructions.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018