Massive Recall: Over 33,000 Defective Products Retrieved in Q2 2023

17 Aug 2023


The Ministry of Commerce has announced the initiation of 23 product recall campaigns, affecting a total of 33,976 faulty products during the second quarter of 2023.  

The Ministry clarified that these recall efforts encompassed over 7,000 vehicles of various makes and models. Additionally, the recall covered more than 26,000 items, including household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and children's toys.

The online platform called "Recall" allows users to search for and identify defective products that have been subject to recall campaigns. It showcases the most recent products that have undergone recall and provides a mechanism for reporting unsafe products that could potentially compromise consumer safety. The platform also features a function to verify the safety of vehicles by entering their chassis or serial numbers, allowing users to determine whether they have been involved in any previous recall activities. Furthermore, users can access lists of regulations and laws via the platform. All services offered by the website can be accessed by visiting the following link:

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Last Modified 20 Aug 2023