H.E. Dr. Al Qasabi Inspects the Availability and Abundance of Consuming Items and Food Stock

17 Mar 2020


His Excellency the Minister of Commerce​, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, inspects today the abundance and availability of food stocks and consuming products. This is part of the Ministry's keenness and efforts to monitor the markets and verify the abundance of foodstuffs, price stability and the continuity of supplies.

The inspection tour includes a group of retail and wholesale outlets, in addition to the North Market for Vegetables and Fruits in Riyadh, also the shops specialized in selling red meat, poultry, fish and others, to verify the abundance of food supply. 

H.E. Dr. Al-Qasabi reassured all consumers about food supply and provisions situation in light of the exceptional circumstances and the precautionary measures taken by the government to prevent the "Corona Virus”. H.E. said: "Praise be to Allah, this country is great by the determination and capabilities of its citizens. Our country has achieved the highest standards in the availability of food stocks. Really, there are huge food stocks with very large quantities," stressing that the food supply and the provisions situation is excellent, and there is a lot of cooperation among the owners of commercial establishments, and they are keen to perform their national duty.

H.E. added that the Ministry’s inspection teams are working around the clock in all regions of the Kingdom, and they are monitoring the prices in an instant and accurate manner, and there will be no negligence towards the violators: H.E. said: “We will strike with an iron hand, and we will severely punish anyone who violates or exploits this circumstance, especially those who try to manipulate or influence the prices of food supply".

Meanwhile, the Ministry has been monitoring the food supply and provisions situation to verify the availability and abundance of foodstuffs in the markets and outlets, also the Ministry is monitoring the quantities, inventory and warehouse data of suppliers. Notably, more than 4,000 inspection tours had been implemented, during the past period, on "hypermarkets" in all regions of the Kingdom. The results showed the abundance of foodstuffs and consumables, price stability, adequate stock availability, and the continuity of food supply to markets and outlets smoothly.


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Last Modified 17 Mar 2020